About us

The Red Apple Design Company specialises in designing the Shipping container architecture, also known as “CARGOTECTURE”, a growing trend in using the cargo containers to construct purpose built offices, apartment, home, shelter, hotels, shops, schools, garages and many others with endless possibilities.

We believe that creative uses of unused cargo containers that are sitting idle in the docks are a great alternative to green premises. They not only abundant in supply and relatively cheaper in price, but the final product is also strong, flexible, sustainable and durable.

The company is founded by Osy Izuora, who is a member of the Institute of Engineering Designers. Since its conception, we have delivered several innovative and stunning ideas for converting the containers to eco-friendly reusable spaces. We firmly believe that thoughtfully designed shipping container architectures can be transformed, modified and utilized in a number of creative ways.

We are committed to providing great architecture and designing solutions using the ISO shipping containers, totransform them from long, dull looking rectangular shapedcontainers to stunning and purpose-built designed products. While adhering to the industry standards, we offer concepts, architectural designs and services that are second to none.