Studio Bedsit

At Red Apple Design Company, we aim at providing green alternatives to our customers. We are cargo container structure specialists and offer great bedroom designs for using the extra space available in your garden. We turn the unused spaces into bedrooms of various dimensions and they are great for a comfortable stay.

Getting a self-contained bedsit constructed in your garden space is a great way of owing a new property at a moderate cost. The cargo shipping container structures are available at cheap prices and the new bed sit structure built within your existing property can actually move you up the property ladder at a very less cost of development.

Our bespoke designs and construction materials offer great quality and durability, thus reducing the cost of maintenance. All our bedroom designs are custom-made to suit the customer needs.

We create beautiful interiors that are a mix of style and elegance and match your taste, without compromising on comfort and quality.

These self-contained structures offer great use of spaces. Our offered designs make sure that the rooms are well-lit and airy so that you feel relaxed. These bedrooms can also be used as a ‘Guest Wing’ to accommodate your guests and friends during their stay overs.

Such extensions are a cheaper alternative to the main house extension while providing the same level of comfort.

Click here to download the Studio Bedsit Floor Plan