Earlier, the use of containers was limited to shipping, transport and storage only. With the emerging trend and advent of new technology, many customers are now seeking solutions for transforming the containers to home or garden using the shipping container conversion services.

We offer specialist services and our team of professionals can guide you throughout the process to ensure the delivered final product suits your requirements. During our initial discussion, we will walk you through the process and stages of development. Based on our consultation, we will offer the best price and the choice of materials to suit your needs. We are also happy to answer any questions that you might have at any stage.

We can seamlessly create and customize the architectural design of the house and gardens to suit the needs of the end users.

Our Bespoke Service includes:

  • Architectural, Landscape, Interior and Product Designing.
  • We conceptualize your ideas and also obtain the planning permission.
  • Deliver the final Designed Product to suit your requirement.
  • After sales Service and Guarantee
  • Rental services